You have been a gamer for a while now and you think you can write a better game, or at least a different one. So you looked around and found there are no definite how-to texts to assist you. Sure there are some good books on the subject, but you were looking for a bare bones how-to. Well, you are in luck, because you found one.

The Goal
The goal of this project is to give a step by step guide to build your own role playing game (RPG). While it is not meant to be a definitive text on the topic of game design, it is meant to give a more constructive guide with much of the mysticism peeled away.

I am by no means claiming that this is “the” way to make a game. Or even that it is the best way. Just that it is a way to make a working and entertaining game. If you follow the steps and are diligent in working all the way through you should have a fun and working project by the end.

Who Am I?
My name is Pat McNary and I have written a hand full of self published RPGs. It took a few years of fumbling and bumbling to get to that point. Outside of being a life-long gamer I have few of the skills a “real game developer” would possess. In the end I found that the only skills that were absolutely necessary were imagination and perseverance.

To make this project easy for me to write (as writing isn’t really one of my skills) I will break each step down into little chunks. First I will introduce and discuss the topic at hand. Second I will show you how I worked through this step of the process. Third will be a list of resources I found helpful in this step. Last will be tip I have for you and have received from others.

In my next post we will explore the base idea behind your game and what you will want it to “feel” like.  By the end of the post you will have a basic idea of how I go about starting a new game.