Some of you may remember about a year ago that I had the joy of participating in a Delve podcast to talk about my labor of love, Chronica: Age of Exploration. The setting was designed to be Pathfinder Compatible and tackled the issues that we’ve faced in real-world history. While it was successfully published, I’m afraid that the final product felt like it was missing something important. Sure, I included rules for modern religions and events like the colonization of America, but when I was writing the setting… I always held back.

You see, the true vision for Chronica: Age of Exploration has always been about the important role that mustaches have played in our history. Before now, mustache-based abilities and content have been locked away for fear that they would be misunderstood. But now the face fuzz has been freed! New mustache-powered player options, items, and other content are now available in the Chronica: AoE Mustache Supplement!


The Mustache Supplement brings new items into the mix, harnessing the mighty power of the mustache! One such item is the deadly musaxe, an alchemically charged mustache whose whiskers are easily a match for even the greatest foes. Only the Ayol and Malyk can stop this great goatee with their soggy strikes.


Unlock the mysterious power of the bristle with new players options, such as the Mustachemancer. This powerful arcane prestige class studies the secrets of the stubble to attain nearly limitless power. The class improves on the wizard’s familiar and introduces abilities that allow total control over mustaches. 


If you’re ready to comb through the pages, groom a new hero, and trim the enemy of all that is good and styled, check out the Chronica: AoE Mustache Supplement!