We’re excited to announce a competition with the makers of tabletop space miniatures game Mothership!

To celebrate the launch of his second Kickstarter and first expansion pack, Peter Sanderson has kindly given us a Premium copy of Mothership to give away.

You may remember Peter was on Delve last year talking about the ins and outs of designing his first game. He’s since gone on to manufacture the game and was even featured on Polygon.

How to Enter

One of the coolest features of Mothership is it’s dynamic game board. Each time you play you can setup the board in a different way.

Head over to the official Mothership website and use the Layout Creator to create a cool board layout. Take a screen shot and email it to mothership.boardgame@gmail.com with the subject ‘Delve Competition’.

Peter will pick the best maps to go on the website and his favorite will be chosen to receive a full copy of the Premium version of Mothership.


  • Layouts must follow the submission guidelines on this page.
  • Your postal address must be located in the USA (sorry everyone else!)
  • You don’t mind your entry being used on the Mothership website
  • You can enter as many times as you like. Keep in mind the competition is based on creativity, not quantity.
  • Entries close April 30th 2017 and a winner will be announced here May 1st.

About Mothership

For all the info, check out the Kickstarter page…but in short it’s a tabletop dice combat game designed for those who want a quicker, lighter war-game.

The copy being given away features a limited edition silver-embossed box, asteroids and dice.