Hey everyone, Alex here!

I know you’re all itching to know the winner of the contest we held with Peter Sanderson of Mothership! Peter informed that he did indeed get a few awesome entries into the contest and he’s quite happy with the turnout.

Nathan and I would like to offer a quick thank you to Peter for allowing us to help host this awesome contest to give away a premium copy of his amazing game.

Now, with that said and done, the metaphorical drum roll!

The winner of the premium copy of Mothership, by Peter Sanderson, is: Luke Bullis, with a 5-player map named “Forced Alliances.” Luke – Peter will be contacting you shortly!

Contest Winner

To quote why Peter chose this as the winner:

“This fantastic map is not just an exciting 5 player layout, but demonstrates how careful asteroid and planet placement can force players to make decisions and alliances throughout the game just to have chance of winning.”


Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, and hopefully we can do something awesome like this again if everyone is interested, and if you are interested in more things like this going on with us at DelveCast – please do let us know!