Well, some kind of harmony maybe. It’s all relative really.

That isn’t the point however! Delve has it’s very own Discord server now, and we want YOU to join us. That’s right, you, the purveyor of fine content and fun tabletop games.

Come join us and maybe even listen to a live recording of the show once in a while. You’d like that right? Maybe even give live input on the show at the same time. That’d be a really neat thing to be able to do, at least we think so!


We’re also hoping to possibly have some interactive things like – playing a game with the person who made it, or the hosts of the show. First up on that queue of things we’d like to do is play Escape From Teddy Bear Island by @OrcsUnlimited! So if you’re interested in being a part of that, please, let us know!


Well, that’s about it for this DelveCast update! Recently updated the side bar and social media buttons at the top of the website. Now links to Google Podcast, iTunes, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are available so make sure you check out all the goodness!

Here’s the link to our Discord server on the bottom too, just in case: link!

Thanks for your time everyone!

–ExpLimited, Alex.