After two and a half hours, we had many alternative titles for this episode, such as Gargleblasting 101, Budget Conscious Pornographers, Not Another Clickbait and Skip This Episode. That likely explains why the edited episode is just a half hour long.

Be forewarned going in, because this episode is still pretty blue.

If it helps explain this phenomenon, Chris Bissette from Loot the Room dropped by the show. He had just done an article about layout design for tabletop gaming and that was what we, kind of, talked about.
In actuality, we may have proven to be bannermen for Digressalot. But, like, Digressalot after hours when all the normal people have gone to bed. Enjoy!
To read Chris’s actual articles on monster manual design, links!
And to find that cool map from the header, click here! Lub’s Labyrinth

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