We have arrived at our 200th episode! Rejoice dear listeners, as we welcome to the show for the very first time, Ryan Schapals. From his time at HyperRPG and Open Legend to his current work at Harebrained Schemes, Ryan has run the gauntlet (literally, he was production manager on The Gauntlet) in gaming. We get an account of the many titles he has held in a very short time and possibly determine if Nathan and Alex have job titles of their own.

Thank you for joining us on our 200th episode. If you had a favorite episode (or a least favorite episode, I suppose?), please tell us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and a quick addendum from Ryan, just to clarify his work on BattleTech: “At the end of the episode you state that I wrote Battletech: Flashpoint, but I want to make sure it’s clear to the listeners that Andrew McIntosh (a really smart and talented guy who also wrote the last two Shadowrun games) is responsible for all the main story content. I’m writing Events in the game and my contribution is pretty dang small comparatively. Also, Brian Poel, Raymond Wood, and Kiva Maginn were also writers on the project who ALL contributed more than I did. Video games are a huge collaboration and I don’t want to take more credit than I deserve here.” Well said, Ryan. Well said.

To see that impressive list of job titles, head over to Ryan’s… discography?

The find out more about BattleTech, head over to Harebrained Schemes

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