Welcome to the beginning of a holiday adventure to save Santa Claus. Taken from a livestream we held on our Twitch channel, this tale of Luth, Aurora and Snowball shall play out in three installments. This is the first liveplay we have ever done on Delve, so be scared. And also, thanks to BookButterfly and DC Lasair for joining Psitanium as players on this episode. Also, a big thank you to James Brafin for running the game in his very own system Roll2Dodge, allowing us to play as characters built in D&D5E, Pathfinder and Open Legend simultaneously.

ALSO, a programming note from Nathan: Due to the tight seasonal schedule, we currently have nothing prepared for content over the week of New Year’s. I did attempt to get a week ahead, but I’ve simply run out of time. Rest assured we will return with regular videos and podcasts just as soon as I can make them. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

Operation Santa Drop Pt. 1

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