We here at DelveCast have been enjoying the holiday season and are currently preparing to ring in a new year. Due to all this merriment, our regular programming is on hold this week until Nathan can get back to editing.

However, this is a wonderful opportunity to highlight some of the things we did this year, in case you missed it the first time or you are new to the site.


The show you know, our podcast is now deeply entrenched in it’s 4th season. We look forward to doing some new things in 2019, as we explained in Episode 202. However, we had some great guests this year, too many to name. However, if you missed them the first time, we have a few suggestions:

rutyRuty Rutenberg came on to discuss mitigating rules lawyers, the theory of design, the concept of a Level 0 character, Inkwell Society and his work on Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else. You can find those episodes below!



satine 4Continuing our exploration of Maze Arcana, we were thrilled to have Satine Phoenix on the show. We talked about Inkwell Society, Sirens of the Realms, roleplaying, livestreaming, her book “Mirror into the Maze,” Nathan’s obsession with rainbow unicorns and the positive impact roleplaying can have on your mental state. You can find those episodes below!


matt leacock coverRounding out our “How did we get you on this show?” interviews for 2018, we welcomed Matt Leacock, designer of Forbidden Island and Pandemic, so we could ask about the process of making cooperative games. Find that interview below!



And if you want to listen to an old-school Delve episode, the kind we plan on doing moreof coming 2019, Nathan discussed his first experience playing D&D5E on a Steele Empire livestream. Enjoy that conversation right here!


We also plan on doing regular Delve Live streams on Twitch. If you want to hear our most popular live episode, where we previewed E3 (as the professionals we are), just push the play button below!



Orbital is a podcast about Gap Storm, an extraterrestrial construct with the powers to move through time and space. Of course, Gap uses those powers to host a talk show, obviously.

nostradamusEarly in the year, Gap brought Nostradamus on to make some predictions about 2018. To see how accurate he was, check out the episode below!


Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.16.46 AMCapitalizing on the trend of liveplays, Gap decided to host a game of Castles & Catalysts. Listen to Moxie Havok playing Sundancer Moondragon, Bill Raphus playing Will Ratfaceman and Chad playing Hash Taglington the First as they take on the worst threat in roleplaying: rats!


Edison_TeslaOne of the most famous rivalries of the modern era came to a head on Orbital this year, as Gap invited Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla on to settle the War of the Currents. This “shocking” episode may contain discussion of ghosts and aliens.


And if you want something lighter and done by the request of a single person who will not be named, Gap attempted to understand the docudrama that was Bewitched when Darrin came on the show.



Attempting to Play started out as a fun let’s play series that gave Nathan an excuse to play video games. It evolved into something a little different. But here are some things worth looking at if you missed them.

It all started at the beginning of the year when Alex made Nathan play Doki Doki Literature Club on stream. We made a supercut of that experience so you can get the distilled experience of Nathan’s descent into madness.

One of the biggest events was our Free-To-Play marathon where Nathan played nearly 20 F2P offerings. You can find a recap of the best, the worst and everything else here. However, to see what happened when he played Fortnite, enjoy this video!

More recently, Nathan started asking bigger questions about certain games. This includes asking if you can play art in Red Dead Redemption 2, if games can be too big looking at No Man’s Sky and if Fallout 76 would have been better if it weren’t a Fallout game. But to explore the concept of “junk food games”, watch our video on We Happy Few.



The gift that keeps on giving, one day Nathan looked through the fascinating replies that landed in DelveCast’s spam folder. They were so entertaining, he made a video series out of them. Enjoy the comments on Orbital episodes in this video!



hero's journey 2

We haven’t had too many articles this year, as we were focused on audio and video projects. However, Nathan did write a piece called Maybe It’s Me, where he discusses the conundrum of being in the role of “blank slate” after 4 years and the hero’s journey.

For more on the hero’s journey, we had an older Orbital episode where Gap talked to Joseph Campbell on the subject he popularized.



Finally, this was the year we began our Patreon. Big thank you to all our patrons, particularly Shiny patrons Bonnie Ainsworth and Dominic Parry. Although, we started by launching an April Fool’s page with this very serious video.

Rest assured, we have actual content for our patrons now. But if we get do make our goal, the silly hats may make some cameos. Just saying.

We hope that all of you enjoyed what we made this year and are looking forward to some of the new things we plan on doing in 2019. Happy New Year everyone and we’ll see you next week with some new content!