Recorded Feb. 2 on our Twitch channel.

On our live episode this month, we managed to discuss a couple topics in between all the digressions. First, Steve had a topic regarding the relationship between player characters and the game world. Second, we dug into Nathan’s recent video on trilogies and psychology, discussing how he applied it to Tomb Raider and what other trilogies might use a similar character arc.

Along the way, Paul died a bunch in Dark Souls 3 (also part of a trilogy), James saw his Internet connection die a bunch, DC survived a polar vortex and Alex needed to talk about BoardGameGeek’s site layout.

ALSO, Shower with Your Dad Simulator, Boyfriend Dungeon, board game trailers, tarantula hawk spider wasps, evil Super Mario Maker levels, everyman characters, The Lost City of Z, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Bethesda v. Nintendo and a severe lack of digital talking sticks. Yeah, it’s a lot to explain.

Thanks to James Brafin, DC Lasair, Steve M and Drunk Paul for joining us live on this episode!

Download the episode here or listen below!