We do a lot of interesting things here at Delvecast.com. While Alex is away on vacation, we take a moment to highlight another show on our site: Orbital Earthcast. Nathan’s first foyer into podcasting was a little different than the show you’re used to, but we have an episode that should appeal to our loyal listeners.

In a world flush with live plays, why not have one more? Our host, Gap Storm, pulls out the ancient roleplaying game Castles & Catalysts to flex some CastleMaster skills. In order to get a genuine human experience, his players will be some reprising guests: Moxie Havok from Moxie’s Poetry Clash, Chad from Chad’s Chatroom and Bill Raphus from Big Business Basics. Will any of our players survive? Will any of the lowly citizens of Illudere survive? You will have to listen to find out.

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