This is how Nathan got his groove back. After being a fan for years, I’m just so done with Bethesda and their business practices. But hey, if they think it’s fine to charge people $100/year to make slight improvements to a terrible game, I have some stickers to sell you!

Join me and my emotional support unicorn as we discuss this long, horrible experience of watching Bethesda flush their reputation down the toilet for Fallout 76. Let us discuss Fallout 1st and the fact that it failed to even do what it’s ridiculous cost implied. And also, let us discuss how the people who buy into these predatory business practices hurt all of us down the road.

NOTE: I know some of the audio is out of sync. I do not understand why. I blame the parrot hat.

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And watch my earlier Attempting to Play, which came out right after it came out. Is 76 even a Fallout game?