No one will like this video. It will completely waste your time. Also, I have not seen it. But it’s highly offensive to otters. 1 out of 10

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Chances are the answer is “no”. But the current state of user reviews leaves much to be desired. Especially when you start looking at the movies they review.

And so, Nathan ended up talking about a lot of stuff in this video. Because it’s not just about a lack of information, personal agendas or hyperbolic speech. It’s about the complaints that have nothing to do with a movie and everything to do with the world surrounding it. Complaints on propaganda, wokeness, characterization and realism are all too common here.

In this video, Nathan reviews the reviews and gives some counterpoints. And so, despite the wrath of the Internet trolls, let’s look at the reviews for Charlie’s Angels.

I know, I know. He went there.

Oh, here’s that interview video of George Lucas and James Cameron.

James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction

And if you want more info on the history of propaganda in movies, MovieBob did a 2-part series that you may find interesting.

History of Propaganda in Film

Propaganda in Pop Culture Still Exists