Nathan had a plan to discuss the naming of genres and that did eventually get covered. We say eventually because a whole bunch of other stuff got covered beforehand. But once we got onto the topic, the term “Metroidvania” got vetted for accuracy and meaning. We weighed the benefits of using generic terms against specific reference points and what any of it says about those games and the people who may be tempted to play them. But all of this seems to pale in comparison to whatever the hell is happening with Alex in Rimworld.

ALSO: Nathan’s technical issues cut off DC’s big news about C2E2; Paul needed more to drink; Alex is killing ducks at an exponential rate; we bear witness to two weddings and a squirrel funeral; ExpLimited had it’s first livestream; never look up “organ harvest asmr”; 7×7 alignment grids are just trying too hard; and donkeys wearing pants.

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