With as many remakes and remasters as we see these days, the concept may be confusing for many. Let’s make it even more confusing for you. Some of us are excited for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, many have already expressed their love of Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Nathan is loath to mention playing Wasteland Remastered. It also gives us a good opportunity to discuss Nathan’s first experience playing the Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remastered collection, with Alex explaining to him why he is wrong.

ALSO: The Delve Co-Hosts talk about the pros and cons of Eastern and Western RPGs… again; Alex really likes Legacy of Kain; Nathan wrote more lists; James found a sharknado; DC might be playing Animal Crossing; Delve+ is off to a predictable start; and Paul pops in for five minutes to mention BDSM. Yep, another day at the office over here.

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