Hello loyal Delve fans! 

As you may have heard from our recent episodes, Delve is coming to a close. It has been a long road to get here, but all roads come to an end.

However, the end of a road will often lead to a new one, which is also the case here. Our team at Delve are moving on to a new, far more ambitious project. Are we prepared for it? Probably not. But we are attempting it anyway.

The new project is called Total Pebble Knockdown, a podcast about games in all it’s aspects. It will be an outlet for us to discuss a wide range of topics in several segments each episode, providing more focused, shorter pieces that will also be presented in video form. We still intend to have guests and interviews, as well as discussions on game design. However, we also plan on doing other things that we have experimented with in the past and turn them into segments. We also intend on doing news segments and some fairly ridiculous off-topic pieces as well.

Total Pebble Knockdown will come with a brand new website, new YouTube channel, new social media accounts and e-mail. It will also mean several other things will be changing over from Delve.

This will also include our Patreon and it’s tiers. Among things you can look forward to are full-length video episodes available just to patrons, while the individual segments will be presented later to a general audience. Also, some patron levels will include discounts on merchandise (oh, also, we will have merchandise). 

We understand that this is a lot to digest. We hope you will come with us on this new leg of the journey. We’d like to think it’s for the better and will be more rewarding to our listeners in the long run, but we have an inherent bias in this regard.

We thank you for all your support during our 6 years creating Delve. Our journey down this new road shall be exciting and terrifying, but hopefully you will join us on that journey.

Thank you.

– Nathan Ainsworth, Delve Co-Host and Content Destroyer

You can check out the Total Pebble Knockdown website here!

You can find our brand new YouTube channel here!

Our Patreon will be in the same place, but will be going through changes. You can check that out here!

We will keep our Twitter account and you can find it here!