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On this episode of Total Pebble Knockdown:

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game recently finished a highly successful Kickstarter. Will this bring Avatar fans into tabletop gaming? Will the TTRPG crowd welcome it as their own? How much air can you realistically bend? Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game by Magpie Games — Kickstarter

* We have occasionally backed some Kickstarters. How long does it usually take for those to fulfill and should we actually grab that alpha key?

* The Angry GM had notes for RPG players and our forum was awash with comments. What makes sense for new players and what did we feel required pushback? The expert and the novice weigh in. Memo to the Players #1: Taking Action | The Angry GM

* Psychonauts 2 came out and, for someone who uses the Twitter handle “Psitanium”, that’s a big deal.

* What is the difference between streaming and playing games? Why might you decide to avoid certain games? What is the value of immersion? How much work does streaming truly require?–Peasant-Railgun-in-a-Bag-of-Holding-e178lq7

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