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On this episode of Total Pebble Knockdown:

* Inspiration Points are one of those mechanics that can get overlooked while playing D&D. Similar systems exist in other games as well, but how do we get better engagement with those systems? A suggestion from our Discord server leads us to ask that very question.

* While your party is battling hordes of goblins in a dungeon, do they ever lose track of time? What kind of effects can time have on your party from both a narrative and mechanics standpoint? Is there a way to keep track of time in game? And also, how would YOU build a time system into an RPG? We do a little critical thinking to explore this subject.

* It’s such a simple concept, but it conveys so much information. We examine the concept of “tapping” in card games, what it is, how it works and why it solves a problem that could have been MUCH more complicated.–Lost-in-a-Technicolor-Hell-Dimension-e17ttfc

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