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On this episode of Total Pebble Knockdown:

* Shortly after we released an episode discussion the possibility of a new D&D edition, word came down that we will be getting a new edition of D&D in 2024. Thanks to the folks on our Discord server, we could have a deeper Discord Discussion on that topic. Is this D&D 6E or is it more like 5.5E? What kind of changes could we be looking at? Let’s talk about that.

If you want to see the D&D Celebration Live where they announced this, we have a link with the time code available right here –

Check out the IGN article we sighted as well – “New Version” of D&D Coming in 2024 – IGN

If you are interested in the changes made to the Ranger in Unearthed Arcana we mention, you can find some quick points on it here – dnd 5e – What are the biggest changes between UA Ranger and PHB Ranger? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange and a more in-depth article here – Analyzing D&D 5E’s Unearthed Arcana Revised Ranger | Mundangerous

* The last time we did a Crit Think, we asked how long we were spending in dungeons, but we did not get to discuss why shopkeepers would set up their businesses in those dungeons. Some of these scenarios might make sense, but others just don’t. Perhaps there are actually good reasons to have your shops in a dungeon. Let’s think a little bit more critically about that.

* Okay, so does anyone else think it’s weird that you can get slashed 15 times with a broadsword and just recover all your hit points by scarfing down a few meatball subs? Yeah, we’re still confused about that too, so we’re going to talk about that in One More Thing.–Kobolds-Really-Love-Thai-Salad-e18ibie

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