So Nathan played this new-fangled series called Forza. But it’s not just Forza, it’s Forza Horizon. If you don’t know the difference, good news, you’re on the same page. Basically, while the regular Forza series focuses on straight-forward racing circuits, Horizon focuses on a big open landscape to drive around in. Now that he knows that, there should be more on the Horizon… see what I did there?

So, Nathan went down the Forza hole and popped up in Australia for Horizon 3. He did not see any dropbears, but did run through a vast array of plant life that was only one week away from retirement.

Nathan returns to his roots as Forza Horizon 4 takes him to jolly old England. He wears silly outfits, does emote dances on top of historical landmarks and gets in a little driving, but only if he has some spare time.

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