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On this episode of Total Pebble Knockdown:

* Myst got a full-on re-imagining recently. Alex and Nathan remember when they played the original game that came out… almost 30 years ago!? How old are we!? Myst • Cyan

* Why do we see so many recreations of classic games? Is it related to us being old?

* What is the difference between remasters, remakes and reboots? We give some explanations, examples and recommendations.

* Recently Alex played the Beta for Diablo 2: Resurrected. What category does this fall in and what could they have done differently?

* Tabletop RPG editions can be a tricky concept for the uninitiated. We go over what they are, investigate a timeline of D&D and Warhammer 40K and speculate about what they could do for a theoretical 6th Edition D&D.–Cultural-Curators-e17i4si

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