I would love to tell you we jumped right into the topic of episodic games and what they can teach us about tabletop design. I mean, that was the plan. And I wish I could say it didn’t take us two hours to get around to our main discussion point. But I would be lying.

So, we start things off with discussing DC’s neighbors in Animal Crossing and how his livestream series is going. Nathan explained what’s so great about Nier Automata and one of the worst ideas you could have in Borderlands 3. Paul showed up to announce he finally started playing Borderlands 3, which led to a very long discussion of the series that no one asked for, but you’re getting it anyway.

Once everyone was in the room, we jumped into our main conversation. After playing games like Walking Dead and Life is Strange, Nathan came away with some conceits in episodic games that he didn’t feel would translate well to tabletop gaming. So, we have a discussion about set pieces, railroading, player agency and the illusion of player choice. Why do these happen and can you avoid them in your game? Listen to find out.

ALSO: Other podcasts with Delve in their name paint a fascinating picture of the digital audio landscape and we mind palace our new conspiracy podcast The Tin Foil Hat Variety Hour. But wait, what if we we did a whole podcast series… in reverse!?

ALSO ALSO: Alex learns how to swing in Bannerlord; DelveCast contemplates finally releasing Tales of the Mirror Stone; DC shares his thoughts on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake compared to the original; Paul is on spoiler alert; Salt is an always-GM; James is surprisingly quiet; someone tried to market the abacus again; and Nathan looks forward to screaming at user-created maps in Levelhead.

(There was probably more, but how much description do you need people?)

Big thank you to Paul, DC, James for joining us and Generic Brand Salt for making a debut appearance on the show.

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